POWER FIRST Outdoor Cable Tie

POWER FIRST 48.00″L x 0.35″W Standard Indoor, Outdoor Cable Tie, Black; Tensile Strength: 175 lb.

Tubless Tire Valve, Snap In Design, 2 inch Long, .625 inch inch Rim Hole & 60 PSI Maximum.

Vent Stick, Fresh Fragrance Without Calling Attention To A Hanging Air Freshener, Clip Discretely Into The Vehicles Vents, Using The Air Flow To Deliver...

Refresh, New Car, Single Scent Diffuser, Sleek & Stylish, Perfect For Your Car’s Dash, Clips Easily Onto Virtually All Car Air Vents, A Simple...

Booster Cable, Packaged In Sleeve.

Tire Crayon, Allows You To Mark Tires For Repair & Identification, Hex Shaped, Paper Wrapped, Wax Based Crayon.

Lotion Hand Cleaner With Pump Dispenser, Non Pumice, Smooth, Natural Orange.

Plastic Valve Extension, Extend The Length Of Your Existing Tire Valve Making Them Easier To Reach & Monitor, 60 PSI Maximum.

Valve Finishing Tool, Comes With Valve Installation Tool, Core Remover & Tire Deflator.

Tire Tread Depth Gauge, Allows You To Measure The Tread Depth Of Tires To Ensure Safe Driving.

Valve Installation Tool, Metal Construction, Used To Install & Remove Snap In Tire Valves.

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