Polypropylene Body Compression Float Valve, Brass Inlet & Stem.

Poly Tube Barbed Adapter, Adapts Brass Fittings To Poly Tubing.

Bronze Body, Compression Float Valve, Heavy Duty, Brass Plunger, Arm & Stem Adjusts With Set Screw.

Brass Body Compression Float Valve, Brass Arm & Stem Internal Plunger, Rotates To Discourage Deposits.

Saddle Valve, Self Tapping Attaches To Copper Pipe 3/8 inch To 1-3/8 inch O.D.

Compression Union, For 1/4 inch O.D. Copper Tube, Includes Adapters For Poly Tubing.

Brass, Self Tapping Saddle Valve, Clamshell.

Brass, Evaporative Cooler Float Valve.

Brass Compression Union, Clamshell Bag.

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